U.S. Angola Business Forum – New York, 24 September 2018

The Angolan President invited American businessmen to invest in all sectors of the Angolan economy. In an event with around 180 businessmen in New York, the Angolan President presented what he called “A new Angola”. The president described a number of reforms which created a “new political environment”, friendlier and more transparent.

The President highlighted the fight against corruption and the implementation of the “investors’ visa”, among other measures that his government is taking to revitalize Angola’s economy. He also cited the new investment law, the new competition law and new the new forex policy, which substantially reduce bureaucracy and allow investors to repatriate their dividends. The President also mentioned the end of the diamond sector monopoly and invited businessmen to investor in the mining sector. President Lourenço listed the main sectors where American investment is welcome, such as the financial services, consulting and auditing, information technologies, agriculture, energy and water, transportation and tourism.


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