Angola benefits from US financial, technical support

Luanda – Angola is among the three African countries that will benefit from funding and technical support from the United States to boost economic activity in the country.  

The move follows the ongoing reforms, under the Angolan President João Lourenço, focused on combat corruption, improve business environment, attract new investments, among other actions, aimed at improving the people’s living standards.

In addition to Angola, the US assistance will also cover Nigeria and Kenya, among the few African countries.

The initiative also include strengthening of economic relations with the world power.

The intention to aid the three African countries was expressed Wednesday in Luanda by the director for African Affairs of the White House, Cyril Sartor.

Cyril Sartor neither mentioned the amount of the funding nor the priority sectors that will benefit from this support.

Speaking on the presentation of the New Strategy for Foreign Policy in the US, the official said that support essentially aims to develop African entrepreneurship, provide technical assistance and improve intercontinental trade.


U.S. Angola Business Forum - New York, 24 September 2018

The Angolan President invited American businessmen to invest in all sectors of the Angolan economy.


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